Why Work Experience Is More Important Than Your Education?


It’s a long going debate, on what matters most, your education or your work experience? Studies show that individuals with more experience work tend to perform better at their jobs, or more likely to get employed to those that don’t. But how work experience is more important when it comes in competition with education?

Here are some top reasons which clearly proves your work experience carries a higher weight in your career success than your education.

Work Experience Gives You Useful Skills

Though a degree earned through theoretical knowledge may just look good in papers, but a life experience degree earned with the skills you have learned can’t just simply be ignored.  It is an undeniable fact that individuals who carry work experience besides them tend to understand the everyday realities of working life and gain all useful skills that lighten up their career path. Not just that, it helps you meet people from all sorts of background which enhances your interpersonal and communication abilities.

Work Experience Makes You Understand Yourself

Your education could help you to start your career but can’t simply be enough, to take you a long way to success. On the other hands, work experience allows you to reveal things about yourself that can lead you to long term career success. For example, you may never know your strengths and weaknesses to choose a career path that would suit you well.

Are you a good team player? Do you have excellent communication skills? What sort of work thrills you the most? Your education can’t simply answer these questions but your current work experience definitely can. It helps you to know what your capabilities are, and which field of work is excellent for you to pursue.

Employees Always Prefer Experience over Education

Though employers want their employees to be educated enough to settle well in the organizations. But, they always prefer individuals who carry the real-world experience when it comes to filling up the vacant positions. The experience is usually the only things that stand between many individuals and their dream jobs. In a real world today, the employees are always searching for candidates that are equipped with the skills which education can’t teach them.

Work Experience at Any Stage Helps

Many young individuals who don’t have access to higher education can simply make work of their experience at their desired fields. Many fields don’t demand the young individuals to acquire formal qualifications, instead, they can make use of the technical skills that can help them acquire the jobs they desire. The personal trainers, firefighters, sales managers are some professions which pay you well, even you don’t have the formal qualifications. All you require are the technical skills to sell yourself better. These professions and others even allow you to gain life experience degrees based upon your current professional knowledge and understanding.

Education may help you to begin your career but the long-term career sustainability and growth could only be achieved through the work experience you have gained over time.

8 Important Facts About Students Interaction In Online Programs



Today’s modern technology has opened several doors of opportunities for individuals to acquire top quality education online. Though, you may not be physically present in an online class room to study with your fellow classmates. The state-of-the-art technological tools have made it unbelieving easy to communicate through discussion boards, video conferencing, social media, and email.

Following are the 8 important facts to know about students’ interaction in online programs:

Students Will Have Real-Time Interaction

Online courses allow students to have a face-to-face conversation with your fellow students and lecturers. This allows you to experience lives classes just like traditional ones, but with the flexibility to choose specific timings. This enhances your learning ability and offers you to grasp information in a better way.

Students Will Need To Work in a Group

Students may not be studying side by side, but online programs will make you work together in a group. Your instructor will assign you to perform group work, where you would need to use interactive communication tools such as Skype and discussion chat rooms. Tools such as Google Docs could help you to edit assignments online in real time, sitting far across from one another.

Students Will Require Microphones and Headphones 

Making sure to always stay prepared for studying online. You will definitely require having headset or a pair of microphone and headphones along with you.

Students Need to Regular Work on Discussion Boards

Discussion boards are necessary for students to allow them to voice their opinions and respond at a quick pace to the questions posted by their instructor. This would additionally allow them to have an ample time, finding good response than quickly responding in a face-to-face discussion platform.

Students Might Require Meeting in Person

Though, online programs don’t have a concept to present physically to study together. Some programs like MBA require students to meet either on campus or other decided location. Where they need to attend special lectures or participate in a group work activity.

Students Would Require Using Social Media as Communication Tool

At many instances, students would be using social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to interact with one other. This would allow them the opportunity to ask questions from one another and get to know their fellow classmates in a better way.

Students Can Join Virtual Clubs

Studying online doesn’t mean you can’t involve yourself in extracurricular activities. Students can join online groups and clubs that are virtually accessible to reach from anywhere around the world. Through online platforms such as Facebook and other social media platforms.

Students Can Learn A lot Online

Online education could help students widen their perspective after studying online with students from different areas of the world. They could also make them learn different cultures. Students could also acquire accredited online life experience degree merely based on their current work experience.

Interaction in online program is the foundation for students to acquire quality education in an efficient way. Making the overall experience quite a remarkable one.


4 Ways To Keep Focus On Your Studies


Keeping a strong focus on your studies can not only help you gain exceptional results but can also save you a good amount of time! However, it’s not easy to keep a strong focus when you have a lot of other things going inside your mind, which makes it difficult acting upon your scheduled study time.

If you are among those you get easily distracted and are unable to make your way back working on the set study plans, then it’s ideal to go through the 4 set of ways we are going to discuss. That will ultimately help you to keep focus on your studies:

Define Your Goals

First things first; define your goals and stick with them. For many students knowing their study objectives complete half of their jobs. Being a student, you must ask yourself. Why have you enrolled to study your respective program? What would you gain after finishing your course on time? What would be the opportunities I will get after I complete my program? Answer to all these questions will help you maintain an initial level of focus over your studies.

Design a Study Time Table

The second step after you have defined your goal is to design a study timetable. It’s best to follow a specific routine on an everyday basis. Your study time table must include the whole week’s schedule of studying different subjects each week. Making to give them ample amount of time, depending upon their importance. Leaving yourself enough time for leisure activities and consuming your meals. You must stick yourself to the time table and try to study the best as you can.

Learn To Avoid Distractions

If you are looking forward to focusing on your studies than you must take radical measures. In general, you need to take some bold steps to avoid distractions. You must not allow yourself following too many distracting activities that can make you lose interest in your students. For example, avoid going to the cinema in the weeks days or don’t hang with friends too much. Instead, leave such activities for the weekend.

Always Stay Focused On the Set Priorities

Nobody can help you if you don’t help yourself in the first place. So it’s better to keep a keep a strong focus on the priorities that you have set. Following your priorities in life could give you an exceptional experience while you study and could also open doors for accredited life experienced degree from renowned universities online. So set your study priorities and keep a strong focus on them.

All these tips will keep you a strong focus on your studies and give you ultimately good results.




You may be dispirited when you don’t understand what really went wrong after you get rejected for a job. You are even more depress, when have applied for several jobs in the last couple of months but don’t find even yourself lucky enough to get a response. It’s that period of time when everything seems to be not going your way and you try to figure out what is it, that’s making me a figure of despair.

The truth is, you are not the only one going through such a disappointing situation, there are many other individuals who are finding themselves on the same track as yours. It could be a number of reasons why you didn’t get the job and what’s costing you to get hired. Here are the five real reasons why you may not be getting hired:

Was Your Application Complete?

First things first! Did you provide all the requisite information? To be even considered for a job position. You must ensure that you have supplied all the relevant information that is necessary to get the attention of the employer. Failing to do so, may not even put you among the shortlisted candidates.

Was your Resume Strong enough?

Quite often it has been noticed that applicants don’t target their resume. Your resume might show general skills and accomplishments from your previous employments. But it’s vital to add value to your resume by defining the specific skills and experience that would make you an ideal candidate for the applied position. Any form of internships, volunteer work, and designated projects, presented in your resume will give an edge over other applicants.

Are You Qualified Enough?

A particularly important aspect you might be missing out, is that you don’t really have a formal qualification. There are several individuals who might possess all the experience in a particular industry but don’t have the right qualification with them. These potential candidates can take advantage of an accredited life experience degree which could easily serve their purpose. Individuals who own some experience in a particular field can easily apply to earn their degree at a quick pace. This will be an ideal way to attract the employer who will finalize the decision of your employment.

Did You Submit A Cover Letter?

Don’t put yourself behind the other candidates by not submitting a cover letter. A cover letter will help you present your accomplished skills, experience, and knowledge in an ideal way. Presenting you as an appealing candidate.

Were you well prepared for the interview?

You might be stumbling with your answers or don’t have enough information about their company. Interviews are meant to express yourself in the right way. You may even succeed in the first five minutes of were able to impress the interviewer. So be sure to prepare yourself well.

In a conclusion, there might be several reasons you didn’t get the job but these reasons are among the most likely. It’s best to fully prepare yourself for preventing any more failures and ultimately landing to get hired.

Why A Student Fail? Discovery Approach to Teaching!



People fail in life but their failure at times comes from the ineffective practices from others that influence it. A student might be bright and talented but could easily fail, if there are provided with the wrong guidelines or taught with the wrong strategies. Teachers might not be the only one guilty of their failures, parents do also play a crucial one. Every year several students face the embarrassment of failing, wondering what went wrong still after working hard.

A student could fail for a variety of reasons. More or less, they are all important. Here we are going to look at the discovery approach to teaching.

  • Quite often a child is burdened with too much work load just after they switch their schools. Pressurizing them constantly at their early stage won’t bring them any benefit. So it’s important for school authorities to them a pleasant learning experience. In order to make them settle down without any fears.
  • The next step in discovery approach has to do with individual studies. This is where parents role come into play. Parents must monitor their child study practice at home. They must emphasize them to study for ample time and insist them to schedule a specific self-study time.
  • Maintaining class discipline matters a lot. Teachers should design a good sitting arrangement to ensure there would be less disturbance in class and lessons could be delivered effectively.
  • Teachers must use materials that offer more transparent means of illustration. A visual approach to teaching will help support reducing the need for deeply analyzing, evaluating and making critical judgments. Giving them a quick means of understanding the topic well.
  • Encouraging a child at home keeps them motivated. It’s a really good practice for parents to take time out for their children and discuss how they are doing at their school.
  • The defining goal is another expect that teachers must keep in mind. A good approach is to design goals for students and monitor their progress on regular basis. This will ideally help parents at home to handle any problems their child is facing.
  • Though the internet has open doors for comprehensive research on any part of a student’s syllabus. Parents and teachers must not let a child get exposed to Facebook and other social media apps. Which will cause them a great amount of distraction.
  • Giving the student a good opportunity to taste success matters. A healthy competition or a sports activity could be one of them.
  • A healthy mind works better at any time. Outdoor activities could be very handy for a student to channelize their energies in studying and keep their minds healthy.
  • Dedicated teachers could be appointed for weaker students, which can help them utilizing their energy in the right way and make them study better.

The core idea behind a discovery approach to teaching is to explore and remove any barriers that are coming in the students understanding. It’s ideal to eliminate any problems automatically after identifying them. You may already know the approaches discussed but there might be a change in how you practice them.